We are...

We equip change-makers with ways to shift out of workplace cultures that put processes and goals before people. We are ideas-people who bring in new perspectives to teams that facilitate desired change.

We use Human-Centric Leading to guide the transformation toward workplace cultures that put people at the center of decisions. The results include decreased stress and increased collaboration and creative problem-solving.

We have experience working in every continent except Africa and are happy to join your team wherever you are.

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We value honesty, transparency, partnership and transformation and bring our Mediterranean passion and flair to everything we do.
Shadi Abouzeid
Human-Centric Leading Amplifier
My vision for the future: To create a better world for our children.

My life's raison d'être: To enable individuals and teams to unleash their hidden potential.

Eleni Pallas
Executive Coach, PCC
My vision for the future: We treat all humans and Mother Nature with profound respect.

My life's raison d'être: To help people free themselves from mental and emotional limits.

Our Story

During 60 years of global work combined, we have repeatedly seen projects fail when focused solely on goals. Why? Because there was no consideration of what people needed to achieve those goals.

What we learned is that the people-related problems that emerge are created by the workplace culture that then leads to project misalignment or failure. It’s the context, not the people. So we decided to create what we call the next-generation consulting firm that merges traditional consulting with leadership coaching. This blended approach attends to HOW goals are achieved while ensuring people THRIVE. This means humanizing the workplace.

Let us show you how to humanize your workplace to amplify the impact you want to make.

Recently in our blog:
Join us! Start your journey to experience joy at work and achieve outcomes you've never thought possible.

Some Success

“The workshop helped me a great deal to be less judgmental and more patient with myself and others.”
- Stella Antonakis, Magellan Health, Senior Account Executive

"Very informative, interactive and insightful. Will be recommending it to coworkers.”
- Catherine Riedel, Learning and Development Specialist, California State Government

“The training was not only helpful, I would honestly consider it life changing. It truly changed my outlook on how to communicate with others, and to be able to look at what I need to improve on going forward.”
- John Storniolo, Supervisor II, California State Government