Why work with us?

Our Focus: We are 100% focused on leadership development and workplace transformation, which gives us deep insight. We have experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors and have worked globally. We know the root causes of individual and team issues and know how to equip leaders with ways to transform them.

Our flexibility
: We are nimble and adapt to changing power dynamics within client organizations – and customize our work for each client need. We continually keep abreast of research findings in neuroscience, psychology, sociology and adult learning because we love it. We apply our knowledge to stay sharp and agile.

Our discretion
: We are discreet coaches and educators/trainers who nurture long-term relationships with clients. We care more about facing difficult (even embarrassing) workplace challenges and build clients’ skills than being in the limelight. 

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We value honesty, transparency, structure, measuring outcomes and long-term relationships. We bring our commitment, passion and insight to everything we do.

Who we are

We are a group of practitioners who do what we do to evoke human greatness – plus foster workplaces that become hotbeds for learning, innovating and the successful implementation of ideas that are good for humans and nature. 

Our team is a community of experts who specialize in his/her own areas of interest, each in differing aspects of leadership and team development. We have experience leading teams within organizations, teaching at executive education institutions, coaching leaders and teams and debriefing leadership assessments. For clients who expect the following requirements, we have advanced degrees, coaching certification with the International Coaching Federation, experience debriefing a variety of leadership assessments and we continually practice what we teach.

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Eleni Pallas
Executive Coach, MBA, PCC
Founder of Leaders for Good

Our "why"

We've each observed endless projects and initiatives fail within organizations even when people worked diligently to succeed. We've also witnessed countless well-intentioned leaders react in face of challenge and create more problems than solutions.

We at Leaders for Good dedicate our lives to "how" people show up at work and interact with each other around challenges and their intended impact. We know that chronic stress, unhealthy competition and burnout are not needed for excellence. There is a better way and it's based on a specific mindset that we teach – Human-Centric Leading.

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Start your journey to experience joy at work and achieve ways of working and associated results that you've wanted but thought were never possible.

Some Client Feedback

“The thinking styles helped me be less judgmental and more patient with myself and others.”
- Stella Antonakis, Magellan Health, Senior Account Executive

"Very informative, interactive and insightful. Will be recommending it to coworkers.”
- Catherine Riedel, Learning Specialist, California State Government

“The training was not only helpful, I would honestly consider it life-changing. It truly changed my outlook on how to communicate with others and to be able to look at what I need to improve on going forward.”
- John Storniolo, Supervisor II, California State Government

“With Eleni, I learned to question perfection and choose my own goals, which relieved a lot of pressure. That led me to be more open when I could better listen and appreciate my team’s contributions..”
- Sophie Vaucher, former VP Finance, Presto Engineering Group SAS

Coaching under the Human-Centric Leading framework allowed me to be a more responsible – able to respond appropriately - leader and person.
- Adrienne Kimball, Chief Talent Officer, Rubicon Programs