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Through our workshop, "Leading with a Human-Centric Leading Mindset," participants learn:
(1) the core reason behind recurring leadership and team problems
(2) to shift out of self-preservation mode and into thrive mode
(3) to respond deliberately instead of react habitually that uplevels how they show up at work, boosting their focus and impact.

As each leader learns to respond deliberately at work, the benefits ripple out to the team. Each relationship and interaction with others is enriched and becomes more constructive, creative and productive. As an outcome, teams become more effective and shift from unwanted to desired ways of collaborating and problem-solving.

A caveat: it's easy to be responsive when things are going well, yet very difficult to stay responsive in face of stress, triggers, conflict, fast-paced change and  VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) workplaces. That’s where Human-Centric Leading comes in. Using it equips leaders with a set of must-have mindsets, strategies and tools that support staying calm and neutral in face of challenges so as to respond wisely to planned and unplanned realities.


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One: Improve each individual's experience of work, as well as their contribution and impact.

Two: Cultivate workplace interactions where people feel respected, psychologically safe and included in achieving the team's mission and goals.

Three: Learn to predict, prevent and transform tension, conflict, resistance to change and build team trust, engagement and resilience in face of complexity and uncertainty.

Key Outcomes

One: You’ll understand the core reason behind recurring leadership and workplace challenges and know exactly which assumptions that you need to change for lasting results.

Two: You’ll become more self-aware of the inherited mindsets you bring to work that cause habitual reactions and unwanted results.That’s your baseline.

Three: You’ll know how to deliberately respond to challenges and opportunities and amplify your joy, contribution and impact.That’s your highest self.

Four: You’ll feel more in control, which leads to being more calm/neutral, resilient and creative in face of  triggers, fast-paced change, conflict, resistance, uncertainty and CJB (criticism, judgment and blame).

Five: You’ll better understand others and lead empathic and constructive workplace interactions that cultivate inclusion, engagement and bring out each person’s value and the team’s collective wisdom.


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Format and Approach

Our base workshop is delivered in two consecutive days, yet flexible to meet a variety of durations and formats. It's designed to reveal insight to participants in an experiential manner so as to increase their awareness and integrate their learning.

Our workshops are led by expert facilitators who guide individual reflection through interactive presentations, discussions, exercises and peer learning.

While our base workshop, “Leading with a Human-Centric Leading Mindset" builds leadership skills, we also design and deliver customized leadership development programs that support the reduction of symptoms such as, but not limited to: toxic workplaces; low engagement; tension, conflict and resistance to change; talent attrition; productivity drops; errors/failures; miscommunication; silos; stalled negotiations; moral injury; burnout; suicide ideation; misaligned teams; team cohesion; learning; innovative even ingenious problem-solving and the mindset aspects of disaster preparedness.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders and change-makers who want to:

(1) be proactive drivers in their lives and work,

(2) feel more certain amidst uncertainty,

(3) transform tension, conflict, resistance to change and market disruption with more ease,

(4) respond wisely in face of challenges (instead of react habitually) and

(5) cultivate conversations and workplace cultures that bring out the best in each person involved en route to achieving important end goals.

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