Eleni Pallas, Executive Coach (PCC)

My focus is on leadership development. My approach is based on mindsets: the ones you currently use and the ones that expand your leadership capacity amidst fast-paced change, tumult and uncertainty. My style is judgment-free, empathic and fair. I'm more interested in getting to the bottom of things than avoiding temporary discomfort, which is why my coaching gets faster results.

I am certified with the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level (the second of three levels) and follow their code of ethics. You can learn more about my global experience and formal education here.

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The client-coach relationship must have “chemistry" to succeed. To find out if we’re well matched, contact me for an introductory session.
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How My Coaching Helps...

Change can be slow. A masterful coach accelerates the process so that you feel energized and consistently progress toward your goals.

Coaching with me helps you:

1 — Achieve your intended goals with more speed, creativity and ease

2 — Identify limiting beliefs and triggers so you can respond in ways that actually amplify your intentions

3 — Feel confident, empowered and in control across the various situations you find yourself in

4 — Affect change at work for your team or organization

Coaching is Not Therapy

Coaching can be confused with therapy because it includes the discussion of emotions and deep-rooted beliefs that affect your behavior and experience of life. Each one has their place — they're both useful yet differ greatly. Therapy is based on diagnoses while coaching is based on new perspectives and skills development.
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Services for Healthcare

While I support leaders across industries, I have designed programs specifically for healthcare providers based on: leadership development, prevention/healing of burnout, physician-nurse communication, physician-nurse-patient communication, physician-nurse team effectiveness and patient satisfaction. If you’re interested to learn more, schedule an introductory session.
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