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Eleni Pallas spearheads Leaders for Good as she coaches, teaches, provides training, speaks and publishes resources that condense complex topics. Eleni developed Human-Centric Leading to speed up her clients' shift from difficult team interactions to those that are more open, trusting and in the flow of ideas. She is especially skilled in facilitating the transformation of toxic workplaces mired with behaviors that waste energy and block intended outcomes. Eleni abides by the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation and the Data Privacy rules of the European Union.

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Eleni has a direct and no-nonsense approach. She's open to explore any work-related topic, however sensitive, and can handle intense emotions that her clients experience.

Why Work with a Coach Now?

Today’s world reflects the cacophony and chaos resulting from competing memes regarding the best ways forward. Everything we knew and depended on in the past is up for change such as democracy, patriarchy and hierarchy and that creates anxiety as well as opportunities for new approaches to emerge.

Amidst such change, it’s natural to experience frustration, overwhelm and even burnout that drains our vitality and makes resilient responses to theses changes difficult. To find new ways of staying focused in face of uncertainty and regain a clear sense of purpose, coaching is useful and with the right coach can be life-changing in positive ways. 

Eleni is primed for moments like this, when we all have the chance to show up in our most-effective selves and shine in face of adversity. When we each integrate our whole selves (logic + emotions), we feel more in control and can activate solutions that we would not have imagined before. Eleni cultivates an open and judgment-free coaching space where all topics are up for discussion so as to integrate the mind and heart en route to learning fulfilling ways of being and achieving exciting goals. 

Eleni works with with individuals, teams and groups. Cutting across a multi-generation and multi-ethnic workforce, coaching with Eleni helps meet each person's needs that also align with what’s best for the entire team and organization.

Topics Discussed in Coaching

Eleni and her colleagues coach around all things leadership and workplace-related. Topics includes, but are not limited to: transforming toxic work cultures, strategic thinking, grit, clarity, goal-setting, vision-alignment, influence/credibility, power, resilience, presence, communication, assertiveness, trust-building, engagement, emotional intelligence, burnout, career derailment, responding vs reacting, talent retention, errors, project failures, project opportunities, high-risk projects and high-visibility initiatives. More sensitive topics that require discreet coaching include the transformation of toxic team cultures, project failures, bully behavior, moral injury, law suits and suicide prevention/awareness.


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More Info About Executive Coaching

Executive coaching, also called leadership coaching, is a judgment-free way of naming the elephants in the room, transforming blocks and achieving desired outcomes all while developing into a more sophisticated and fun version of oneself. It's based on the Socratic Method, when the coaches asks powerful, clarifying questions that reveal insight that leads to clarity regarding new ways of being and strategic next steps.

Over the last decades, executive coaching has become an accepted organizational practice across the globe. The demand for coaching has increased with C-Suite and other executive leaders funding bigger initiatives due to the consistently high ROI and the decision to transform toxic work cultures.

Executive coaching is strictly confidential and the coach and client are equals in supporting the client's intentions and goals. During coaching, any topic related to the person and his/her goals is discussed to remove obstacles and open up options and choice. It's common that personal issues are explored while building leadership skills as coaches speak to the whole human (logic + emotions) who can question inherited mindsets and broaden their minds to lead in more impactful ways amidst increasing uncertainties.

Coaching is not therapy: while coaches attends to emotional distress, it does not include diagnoses or analyzing past history. Coaching focuses on improving clients' present lives for better future lives, as well.

Learn more about coaching here: Harvard's Institute of Coaching, MIT articles here and here, and coaching journals here.