From Energy Leaks to Energy Boosts

Description: If you want more energy at home and work, join us. This program provides a way to prevent and/or heal burnout that also improves your effectiveness as a person and leader or change-maker. You'll have the time and space to plug your energy leaks and create energy boosts that help you feel great. When feeling great, you can respond thoughtfully (instead of react habitually) to the challenges at home and work from your most resourceful self.

Registration details: When you click the below buttons, you'll find that the info is geared toward healthcare. If you want specifics for another industry, contact Eleni Pallas and I’ll send the relevant program materials. The program is offered numerous times per year. Please choose the times/days on the Paypal button that matches the one provided by your team and/or organizational leaders. Also make a copy of the payment for reimbursement purposes as needed.

The upcoming program for the GWU and Children’s National Hospital communities is for Aug 2022: Aug 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st at 12:30pm. When you register/pay, you'll receive a zoom invite plus a playbook. 

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Emotional Autonomy

Description: This is an interactive program that dives into emotions and their value in the workplace. It is designed to provide you with the time, structure and skills to build emotional autonomy. Emotional autonomy means accepting 
emotions (especially uncomfortable ones) and using them to understand the specific triggers that drive reactive behavior that undermines your credibility. As an alternative, you can respond to triggers more deliberately so as to reflect your most resourceful self and increase your contribution and impact. Being deliberately responsive is especially useful 
in times of fast-paced change and increasing uncertainty.

Registration details: This program is available upon request. Please contact Eleni Pallas to schedule programs for your team and/or organization.

Communication Agility

Description: This program offers you a way to speak more clearly so that you're better understood and listen more deeply so that people around you feel heard and understood by you. We humans have different thinking styles that affect the ways we navigate our lives and see the world. There’s a natural tension between those of us with differing thinking styles that often causes misunderstanding and strife. When you’re aware of this natural tension, however, magic can happen that boosts your ability to understand where communication has broken down, interpret it more accurately and build trust with the people you interact with most.

Join us for an enlightening workshop where you’ll learn why people do what they do and what you need to lead more constructive conversations that promote trust, collaboration and innovative problem-solving.

Registration details: This program is available upon request. Please contact Eleni Pallas to schedule programs for your team and/or organization.